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I've been drawing and painting nearly my whole life. Art class was always my favorite part of school. I loved experimenting with new mediums - oil pastel, charcoal, graphite, acrylic paint, watercolor. From middle school to high school my subject matter drifted from self portraits to abstract depictions of family and friends around me. 

When I moved from Missouri to Utah in 2017 my art transformed quite a bit. I wanted to paint everything around me - glowing oranges and reds in sandstone cliffs, glittering highlights in snowy peaks, vast shadows in deep canyons. In the last couple years, after much encouragement, I decided to publish and sell my artwork.


Check out my watercolor paintings and digital art in my portfolio, and then pop over to my shop to browse available prints! 

Wasatch Front.jpeg

These are original works created for someone in mind. Check out examples of my past commissions and an explanation of the process here.

Natural Bridge - Bryce Canyon NP

Watercolor paintings are so beautiful. I love seeing a picture come to life with color. Click here to view all my watercolor pieces.

Juniper - bright 1

Digital art: my newest adventure. I've been playing around with shapes, colors, sticker designs, and prints. All this and more available here.

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