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Commissions are custom artwork specifically designed by an individual. We work together to bring their vision to life. Commissions are ideal for people who want to commemorate a special memory, landscape, or design for friends, family, or themselves. It's always fun to connect with new people and paint the important moments in their life. 

step 1

Send me a message with your request using the form below.

step 2

Once we lock in the design, deadline, and cost of the piece, 50% of the price is required to be sent in. 

step 3

Then we get started! I will provide updates via email, and may post progress pictures on my social media.

step 4

When the piece is finished, the final payment is due. Shipping within the US is free.

Past commissions

watercolor paintings

Prices for watercolor commissions start at $65. Prices for custom sizes will be decided piece by piece. 

5 x 7" ~ $65

8 x 10" ~ $85

9 x 12" ~ $100

11 x 15" ~ $145

12 x 18" ~ $250

acrylic, oil paintings

Prices for acrylic and oil commissions start at $75. Custom size prices will be decided by piece. 

5 x 7" ~ $75

8 x 8" ~ $85

8 x 10" ~ $110

9 x 12" ~ $145

11 x 15" ~ $250

Commission Form
What medium are you wanting?

Thanks for submitting a request for a commission!
I’ll email you soon to follow up.

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